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Live Tracking

Smart- track allows you to view the real-time location of your GPS devices without any delay. With multiple mapping options available, including road maps and satellite imagery, you can choose the one that suits your needs best. Additionally, the Smart- track can efficiently manage a vast array of sensors and data provided by GPS units



Smart-track software provides instant notifications, including support for push notifications, emails, and other methods. These features enable the software to alert users of harsh driving behavior, fuel drops, maintenance events, geo-fencing breaches, and numerous other types of alerts.



Smart-track offers a modern and comprehensive web interface that is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, we offer native mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, we provide a suite of applications that can transform mobile devices into GPS trackers



Smart-track offers a variety of reports, including location history, trip, chart, and summary reports. These reports can be accessed directly through the web or mobile app, and can also be exported as Excel files. In addition, Smart-track allows users to visualize the location history on a map for a more intuitive understanding of their data



Smart-track stands out among GPS tracking systems on the market by supporting a vast array of protocols and device models. Whether you prefer low-cost, no-name GPS trackers or high-end, quality brands, Smart-track enables you to choose from a wide selection of vendors



By using Smart-track to control everything with just your phone, you can keep an eye on your assets and loved ones at all times, and be at ease knowing that they're safe and secure

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Trend analysis

Run historical reports on up to 2 month of fleet data to uncover insightful trends, support investigations and extrapolate reliable forecasts. Cloud-based storage is regularly backed up and replicated.

Route history

Replay your vehicles’ route history for specific dates and follow the actual routes taken by drivers. Show specific events, such as speeding or stops, and compare drivers’ performance

Smart maintenance

Generate vehicle maintenance alerts for your own service department or local dealer. Help improve the accuracy of your preventative maintenance program to control costs

Prompt alerts

Set custom alerts for your drivers based on speeding, idling, harsh braking, and more. Want drivers to slow down in the rain or snow? Trigger a lower-limit speeding alert when the vehicle wipers are active.

Satellite view

Get valuable insight on map locations with the most current and comprehensive satellite imagery commercially available. Includes both Streetside and Birds Eye views for extra detail. New images added daily

Time zone/languages

Go global with multiple language support, including Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. Tag assets to specific time zones for more accurate reporting.

Mobile phone tracking applications

Use your smartphone as GPS tracking device

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    Devices Free Forever
  • Reports
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  • 1 month track history
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  • Pro
  • $ 130 / year
  • 10

  • Reports
  • Events
  • 3 months track history
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  • Premium
  • $ 290 / year
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  • Reports
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  • 6 months track history
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  • What is Smart-track.net?

    Smart-track.net GPS tracking is a platform based on Traccar that allows users to track the locations and movements of vehicles, assets, and other GPS-enabled devices in real-time. It provides features such as geofencing, event notifications, reporting, and more 

  • What types of events can Smart-track.net monitor?

    Smart-track can monitor various events, including geofence entry/exit, overspeed, power on/off, and more. Users can configure event rules and receive notifications when specific events occur.

  • Is Smart-track completely free to use?


  • Can Smart-track be accessed from mobile devices?

    Yes, Smart-track web interface is responsive and can be accessed from various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Additionally, there might be third-party mobile apps available for specific platforms that provide mobile access to Traccar features.

  • Is Smart-track suitable for personal use, or is it designed for businesses?

    Smart-track is versatile and can be used for both personal and business purposes. Whether you want to track your family's vehicles or manage a fleet of company vehicles, Traccar provides the necessary features for different use cases