Getting started

Getting started with GPS tracking

To get access to all available features, create a fully functional account and start tracking now. Use GPS server completely free, no questions asked. All devices connected to servers will work worldwide.

Instructions on how to create account, configure it and connect tracking device available below.

Account configuration

  • Make sure that your device is listed in supported devices page.
  • Create account by entering email address, credentials will be delivered to provided email address.
  • Add device IMEI in settings.
  • Set your country time zone in account settings.

Device configuration

If you do not have dedicated GPS tracking device, use free GPS Tracker application for Android and iOS to track smartphones.

If you have dedicated GPS tracking device, follow steps below:

  • Study device manual for instructions on how to set server IP, PORT and APN for specific device.
  • IP and PORT which must be set on device side, can be found in supported devices page.
  • Configure APN on device side, APN settings should be provided by SIM card provider. Check if username/password are required for the APN.
  • Set GPS device time zone to 0 UTC, otherwise it will show incorrect time or event won’t work.
  • Make sure that SIM card has enough credits for Internet.
  • Test device outside while driving to ensure good GPS signal.
  • Device location should appear in your account within minutes.


If after all mentioned instructions device refuses to connect to server, check points below:

  • Make sure you used correct method to set server IP, PORT and APN. For assistance contact device seller or manufacturer.
  • Test device outside so it receives strong GPS signal. GPS signal absence will lead to connection problems. Tall buildings nearby also affect GPS quality. Test device in open field.
  • If all mentioned troubleshooting points are confirmed, but still no connection, device might use different communication protocol which requires other PORT. Contact us to determine proper PORT for device connection.

Online demo

Demo account allows seeing moving devices which were created virtually to represent real life scenario. Demo account is limited and doesn’t allow to make changes, it can be used only for viewing purposes. Visit demo account.