Create a scheduled report

  1. Login to Traccar:
    • Access the Traccar web interface using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Reports:
    • In the Traccar dashboard, find the “Reports” or “Reports/History” option in the menu. Click on it to access the reports section.
  3. Configure the Report Parameters:
    • Choose the type of report you want to generate, such as trip report, stop report, or custom report.
    • Specify the report parameters, including the vehicle(s) or asset(s) for which you want to generate the report, the date range, and any other relevant criteria.
  4. Generate and Preview the Report (Optional):
    • After configuring the report parameters, you can generate and preview the report to ensure it includes the desired data. Most reporting tools have a “Generate” or “Preview” button for this purpose.
  5. Schedule the Report:
    • Look for an option related to scheduling or creating a recurring report. Click on “Schedule” or a similar button to set up the report schedule.
    • Choose the frequency of the report (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly) and specify the time and date when you want the report to be generated.
    • Configure the delivery method, such as email, where the report will be sent. Provide the email addresses of the recipients who should receive the report.
  6. Save the Scheduled Report:
    • After configuring the report schedule and delivery settings, save the scheduled report. There is usually a “Save” or “Create” button at the bottom of the scheduling page. Click on it to save the scheduled report.
  7. Monitor Scheduled Reports:
    • Once the scheduled report is set up, Traccar will automatically generate the report based on the specified schedule and send it to the configured recipients at the specified time.

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