Fuel drop notification

  1. Login to Traccar:
    • Access the Traccar web interface using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Notifications:
    • In the Traccar dashboard, find the “Notifications” or “Alerts” option in the menu. Click on it to go to the notifications configuration page.
  3. Add a New Notification Rule:
    • Look for an option to add a new notification or alert rule. Click on “Add” or a similar button to create a new notification rule.
  4. Configure Fuel Drop Notification:
    • Choose the event type related to fuel drops. The specific event type may vary based on your tracking device and how fuel drop events are reported. Some devices may provide fuel level data, and you can create a custom notification rule based on changes in fuel level.
  5. Define Criteria for Fuel Drop:
    • Specify the criteria for detecting a fuel drop. This could be a sudden decrease in fuel level reported by the device. Configure the threshold or percentage change that triggers the notification.
  6. Set Up Recipients:
    • Define the recipients who will receive the fuel drop notifications. Recipients can be Traccar users or external email addresses, phone numbers (for SMS notifications), or other communication channels supported by Traccar.
  7. Save the Notification Rule:
    • After configuring the fuel drop notification parameters and recipients, save the notification rule. There is usually a “Save” or “Create” button at the bottom of the notification configuration page. Click on it to save the fuel drop notification rule.
  8. Test the Fuel Drop Notification (Optional):
    • To ensure that the fuel drop notification is working correctly, you can simulate a fuel drop event if your tracking device supports it. This can be done by manually adjusting the fuel level data in the Traccar interface to trigger the notification. If configured correctly, the fuel drop notification should be triggered, and the configured recipients will receive notifications.
  9. Monitor Fuel Drop Events:
    • Once the fuel drop notification is set up, Traccar will automatically monitor the fuel level data reported by the device. If a fuel drop event that matches the configured criteria occurs, the configured recipients will receive notifications alerting them of the event.

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