Enter geofence notification

  1. Login to Smart-track:
    • Access the Smart-track.net web interface using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Notifications:
    • In the Smart-track dashboard, find the “Notifications” or “Alerts” option in the menu. Click on it to go to the notifications configuration page.
  3. Add a New Notification Rule:
    • Look for an option to add a new notification or alert rule. Click on “Add” or a similar button to create a new notification rule.
  4. Configure Geofence Entry Notification:
    • Choose the event type as “Geofence Enter.”
    • Specify the geofence(s) for which you want to receive entry notifications. Select the geofence(s) from the available list.
    • Set up other parameters if applicable, such as the delay before sending the notification after the geofence entry event occurs.
  5. Set Up Recipients:
    • Define the recipients who will receive the geofence entry notifications. Recipients can be Smart-track users or external email addresses, phone numbers (for SMS notifications), or other communication channels supported by Smart-track.
  6. Save the Notification Rule:
    • After configuring the geofence entry notification parameters and recipients, save the notification rule. There is usually a “Save” or “Create” button at the bottom of the notification configuration page. Click on it to save the geofence entry notification rule.
  7. Test the Geofence Entry Notification (Optional):
    • To ensure that the geofence entry notification is working correctly, you can test it by moving a tracked device inside the specified geofence area. If configured correctly, the geofence entry notification should be triggered, and the configured recipients will receive notifications.
  8. Monitor Geofence Entry Events:
    • Once the geofence entry notification is set up, Smart-track will automatically monitor devices entering the specified geofence area. If a device enters the geofence, the configured recipients will receive notifications alerting them of the geofence entry event.

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